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Izaya x reader. ACT 2: J'ai besoin de vous part 9a




    You kicked the remaining man in his face, snatching his weapon and pointing it at Kida.


"You better start talking or I'll carve your skull!" You had the male back into the corner with the knife pointed at this throat.


"I swear I had nothing to do with this!" he cried out, terrified for his life. You sighed and stuffed the knife back into your pocket.


"Well, I guess you're coming with me!" You sighed.


"How did we end up in this mess, Amaya-Chan?" Kida asked, sipping his smoothie. He couldn't deny it, you were unmistakably beautiful.


"Um, Amay-Chan how old are you?" he asked.


"19, why do you ask?" He smiled widely


"Nothing just trying to make some small talk." he said.


"Well, I hope we can meet again!" you said, handing the male your number


"I have something to attend to!"


"May-Chan have you noticed that your neck is perfectly healed, I guess he's been doing as instructed."


"Excuse me, who is he?"


"Every night for a week, Izaya was supposed to apply a balm to your neck, to help it heal faster." Shinra said.


"Without it~" Shinra was cut off by his ringing phone.


"Who is it?" you asked.


"Probably Izaya." he sighed throwing his phone on the stand.


"Where is he? I need to thank the sneaky bastard, for watching over Me." you asked.


"May-Chan don't know...? Izaya's in the hospital, he was stabbed by some guy named, Yadogiri, while he was looking for you. Well that's what Namie tells me, but I highly doubt it, since he's been blowing up my phone for a week in and a half."


You couldn't bring yourself to go see Izaya after what you said. Every time you thought about him, you began to cry. You felt horrible, if you hadn't left him, then he wouldn't have gone off looking for you and Yadogiri wouldn't have stabbed him!


"Izaya please be okay! I love you so much! Even though you put me through complete hell, I love you so freaking much! Thank you for taking care of me! Orihara-san, Please don't die!" you cried, silently.


Izaya was recovering in his hospital bed. He was so bored he called Shinra everyday but got off brushed each time. After a week of no one talking to him of coming to see him, he fell into a state of disillusionment.


"I wonder who's here to finish me off?" he asked himself, as he heard the door unlock. Standing there was some girl he didn't recognize, holding a knife.


"Who are you?" he asked.


"You don't remember me?" she asked, waving the knife in the air. "The girl you tricked into "dying" with you, but then left unconscious somewhere in a park!" she yelled.


"Mmkay why are you here?" he asked, completely perplexed by the occurring situation.


"I wanted to see what a man like you was like when faced with death." she said. He started laughing hysterically. What the hell??


"What are you laughing at!?" she yelled. She sure did exceed his expectations.


"I'm amazed at how someone, who played such an insignificant role in my life, would harbor such an intense hatred of me!" Izaya said laughing.


"Your hatred was that strong that it prompt you to search for me, and attempt to kill me, Oh my how, I love humans! All humans! So interesting!" he said smirking, taking her knife and shoving it through her heart, and then graciously tossing her body out of the window.


{Time skip brought to you by Kida's natural hair color}


"Yea, yea Namie I'm in his room now." you sighed


"Ok ....OKAY Namie!!" you yelled at her and slammed your phone shut. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.


"I was wondering when you were coming to visit me, Amay-chan." he said, pressing his lip against your neck.


"Knock it off Orihara!" you said. He sighed angrily and pushed your body against the cold door.


"W-what the hell are you doing!?" you asked, slightly confused.


"Why did you give yourself away to that man?" he yelled, instantly turning hostile.


"What the hell are you talking about?"


"Why in the hell did you give Yadogiri your virginity!" he yelled, smashing your wrist against the wall.


"Izaya...." You whimpered. "You're hurting me."

He smirked,

"Good because you've hurt me too!" he sadistically laughed, tightening his grip hard enough to cut off the blood supply to your wrist.


You began to cry, but it didn't phase Izaya Orihara one bit.


"Izaya, please.... I didn't have sex with him! I don't even know him!" you cried out.


"I went to him because Kida-kun told me that he was a free Informant." his grip on your wrist tightened, hurt that you would go to someone else!


"Izaya please! You have to believe me! He tried to tie me up and force me... But Kida stepped in and stopped him!" You whimpered as he looked up at you, eyes full of rage and something undeniable........hurt.


"He tried to touch you?" he asked. You nodded.


Izaya's lips pressed against yours roughly and your eyes widen. The male had taken your first kiss...and it actually was a good kiss.


"Your mine Amaya!" and you should know I don't like sharing!" he smirked, burying his head in your neck, nibbling the flesh harshly.


"Ow, Izaya stop!" you cried out, breaking free of his grip.


"I'm leaving Izaya! I came to check up on you, I didn't sign up for your possessive bipolar drama bullshit." you said rubbing your wrist. He grabbed your arm, with pleading eyes.


"Don't go May-Chan" he mumbled.


"Give me one good reason I shouldn't walk out this door?" you asked.


"Because I'm lonely here."


"Good bye Izaya."






"Because...............I'm in love with you, Amaya-chan." he said pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened in shock as he pulled away.


"Well, do you love me back?" he asked.


DUH DUH DUNN -The end-.... nah just playing scroll down

That's it keep scrolling

Almost there

"Yes Izaya I love you back." you said. He smiled, pulling you back into a kiss, making sure to bite and suck on your lower lip.


"I-Izaya n-no stop!" you said, pushing against his chest. He frowned playfully


"What's the matter Amay-Chan?" he asked.


"Not here!" you blushed. He smirked, picking you up bridal style and jumping out of the window. This time, you clung onto him for dear life!

He laughed hysterically.


"It's not funny Izaya!" you sighed. He smirked, wrapping his arms around you.


"It is to me!" You growled, breaking free of his grip. He smirked, he loved making you mad.


Since you guys had no car, you had to walk home.


"Zaya-kun I'm tired, can we just stay at a hotel tonight?" you complained.


"Zaya?" he asked.


"O-oh yeah! I figured you needed a nickname." you said.


"Why not, God or The Great Izaya or~"


"How about the Flea." you grinned, as he shuddered.


"Zaya is fine" you smirked,


"I thought so.”


"Well, if it isn't my favorite two people in the world!" a cheerful male voice exclaimed.


"I'll kick your damn ass for what you tried to do to me, Yadogiri!" you yelled.


"Oh, you are so much like Shizuo-kun!" the male cheerfully squealed.


Finding the location where the voice came from you threw a kick. The male coughed up blood, as your foot connected with his throat.


"I'll fucking kill you!" you yelled at him.


"If you do, I'll kill Shizu-chan right this instant!" The male laughed.

While your train of thoughts was messed up, he took the time to pin you on your back. However, this did not go unnoticed by Izaya, who preferred to watch a fight rather than be in.


"I suggest you get off my human." Izaya said, calmly walking over to the male and picking him up by his shirt collar.


"Where the hell is Shizuo!" you yelled your voice breaking.


"Why don't you look up!" he yelled. You looked up to see Shizuo's gagged, tied up, bloody body falling from the top of the 12 foot hospital building. You screamed, while Izaya laughed.


Running toward the falling body you prepared to catch the male. "Amaya-Chan move! The impact will kill you! And I need you alive to make a decent profit!" Yadogiri yelled. You refused, preparing to catch Shizuo's body. Izaya sighed, he hated Shizuo but he wouldn't allow anything to hurt his human! Pushing you out of the way, he ran up the hospital wall [in case you didn't know, Orihara-senpai is a parkour master!] Grabbing Shizuo and throwing his body down for you to catch.


"What the hell Izaya! What if I hadn't caught him!" you yelled. Izaya smirked, jumping back down and wrapping his arms around you.


"Then that would have been too bad." he laughed.


"Enough! We have to get him home!" You cried out.


"Uh Un no way at all!"Izaya protested.


"Come on! Izaya please!" you poked your lip out hoping it would work on him. He grumbled releasing you from his grip.


"Oh thank you so much Izaya!" you squealed, picking up Shizuo's mangled body.


"Uh, he's a little heavy." you said, blushing.




"Please Zaya-Chan!"




"Oh come on!!!"


"N. O." he said. You pouted, forced to carry Shizuo's heavy body home.

When you got there you quickly placed his body on your bed.


"Izaya Orihara, if you come in here and bother Shizuo I WILL castrate you." he snickered


"Well, I guess I better stay away because I will need my genitals to ravish your beautiful body later on tonight!” He laughed. You blushed, shaking the perverted thought out of your mind.


"Shizzy-kun wake up!" you yelled. You had been up all night cleaning his wounds, dressing them, making sure his temperature was right. For awhile you waited patiently for him to wake up, but now you were a crying mess. How did the strongest man in Ikebukuro end up like this?

Izaya walked into the room, rubbing his eyes.

"Do you know what time it is? Why are you making so much noise?" he asked you, a bit irritated. You looked up at him, eyes blood red, lips swollen, hands trembling, and nose running. Yeah, you looked like shit and he instantly could tell that you'd been up all night bawling your eyes out. He sulked over, to you wrapping his arms around you.


"Why is my favorite human crying for a cause that I didn't cause?" he asked.


"Shizuo won't wake up..." you cried more. Izaya couldn't help the smile that was spreading across his face; someone had killed the strongest man in Ikebukuro? Well it was about time.


"Isn't that something to celebrate?" He asked.


"Maybe for you....but Shizuo's family adopted me, he's all I've ever had. Izaya, I'm [nationality]...not Japanese" Izaya smirked.


"Maybe that's why you're so damned beautiful, foreign women are such a delish!" you rolled your eyes, softly pushing your palm against his forehead.


"I love you Zaya..." he smirked, harshly pushing his lips against yours. [Okay this scene is probably a bit confusing ATM so let me clear it up: you're sitting in a chair near the bed Shizuo is laying on. Izaya is on his knees in front of you with his arms wrapped around your waist. Does that help?]

"You know I'm not going to say it back, The great Izaya Orihara does not fall in love!" he smirked, lying through his teeth.


"Lair!" you said pushing his face away from yours.


"Amaya-Chan, tell me, didn't you notice that you've been wearing my other ring, since the day we met?"

You looked down at your hand; surely enough on your index finger was Izaya's left hand ring.


"N-no, I never I'm usually so observant!" Izaya smiled


"You've been mine since the day we met..." you smiled and kissed him.




"SHIZZY-KUN!!" you squealed, hugging him tightly around his neck.


"IZAYA I'LL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL YOU!!" Shizuo yelled while, Izaya laughed hysterically.


"You should be grateful, I saved your life!" Izaya said, bending over, his face inches from Shizuo's. Shizuo attempted to grab Izaya's neck but, the male quickly jumped behind you.


"Brother-in-law is trying to hurt me, make him stop dearest wife!" Izaya smirked at Shizuo.


"I'LL KILL YOU!!” Shizuo yelled.


"Knock it off you two!" you said.


"I'm not in the mood for this, anymore fighting and I'll castrate both of you!" you exclaimed. The males quickly shut up.


"Well, come to bed when you’re ready Amaya-Chan" Izaya said walking off.


"Amaya, what the hell are you doing with that flea and where are we?" Shizuo asked, slightly annoyed.


"Well you see....." you began explain everything to the male, stopping every once in a while to calm him down.


"Kill kill kill kill kill, I'll kill him hard, I'll tear him apart, kill kill!" Shizuo yelled.


"Shizuo if you lay a finger on him!" you threatened. He sighed.


"Do you love him...?" you nodded, waiting for him to explode. He smiled, patting your head gently. If you were happy he wouldn't ruin it for you, however he made it VERY clear that he would still try and cause bodily harm to Izaya.


"Shizuo what happened to you?" you asked him. He sighed


"Can I tell you in the morning, I'm really tired and I need some alone time, you know to process the whole you and Izaya thing." he said, shooing you out of the room.


"Ok okay!" You said running over and kissing his cheek.

"I'm glad your back Shizzy-Chan!"


*had to end it right there, part 9 will have part B*

Haha you thought I killed Izaya-chan!? I could never!! And look all of you are together again!!  Oh aren't you happy,what could go wrong? READ AND REVIEW!!
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