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Izaya x reader: J'ai besoin de vous



   You were trying to sleep but it felt like someone's eyes were crawling up your body. Your eyes shot open, and you were face to face with Izaya.


"WHAT THE H-" his hand quickly covered your mouth.


"You’re an interesting human, I want to observe you more!" he smirked the same smirk from yesterday, as he removed his hand from over your mouth.


"How did you get in my room!" you whispered, careful not to wake up Shizuo.


"That's classified information" he said, smirking.


"Why am I so interesting all of a sudden?" you asked him, getting out of your bed and heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face.


To be honest, he didn't know why he thought you were so interesting either. Maybe it was because you were Shizuo's little sister, or because he'd never seen you around town before and information on you was very hard to find?


"You just are" he replied simply, clearing away any of the troublesome thoughts that were invading his mind.


"Oui! Why does my brother hate you so much?" you asked, washing the sleep out of your face.


"Why don't you ask him, that's something I rather not tell you." he said, a tiny hint of disgust in his voice.


"AMAYA! Why you taking so long in that bathroom! I told you, we had business to take care of today! Next time you aren't watching toonami at some damn 3 o'clock in the morning!!" he ranted.


"Buzz off Shizuo, I'm almost ready! Quit killing my vibe!" you yelled.


"You better get out of here before Shizuo finds you" you said ushering Izaya out of your bathroom


"Text me later Orihara-San" you said, closing your bathroom door, to have a nice relaxing shower.


"Hmmm, for some reason I didn't even mind him being in here." you thought to yourself.


When you got out you threw on a black t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.


"Yuck! You brought the smell of the flea in here! I told you not to associate with him." Shizuo grumbled and you rolled your Eyes.


"Why do you hate him so much?" you asked lotioning your legs.


"Because he framed me for his gotdamn crimes!" he yelled. You shyly placed your hand on Shizuo's back, rubbing it in small circles.


"You know if you truly want to get back at Izaya, forgive him, nothing will annoy him more." you said, smiling a bright smile at him.


"Eh, why am I here again?" you asked, stepping into the dusty old dojo.

You hadn't done martial arts since you were a little kid. You didn't even know if you remembered everything, but you did know you enjoyed fighting kids who teased you or others.


"I remembered how much you loved martial arts as a kid and I figured since we haven't been doing much together lately we could, you know...spend time here?" he said patting his head.


"By spending time you mean, me fighting and you watching to make sure it doesn't get out of hand?" you asked chuckling to yourself softly. He nodded and tossed you a uniform. You changed into it and hastily joined the class.


"Wooooo! Shizu-chan! That was so fun!" you said jumping up and down throwing a few boxing punches in the air.


"Glad you enjoyed it" he said patting your back.


"I'm glad we got to spend time again!" he said sheepishly.


"Y-yea" you said hearing your cell phone buzz and checked it.


Sunday at 15:00

New text message from Orihara Izaya: Do you want to hang out today?


"Who's texting you?" Shizuo asked.


"Orihara-San" you replied nonchalantly.




"Yes and I'm going to see him."




"You're not the boss of me!"


"If you go to see him don't you dare come home tonight?"


"I'm going Shizuo, you need to get over what happened in the past!" you sighed, hastily sending a reply and walking away.


Sunday at 15:05

New text message from Orihara Izaya: Does Milky way cafe sound good?


You: Yes! I'm on my way now!


Shizuo's POV



I don't know what game that damned flea is playing at with my sister! But I will not allow him to take advantage of her! She is too young for him anyways! I will put a stop to this!



Regular pov


When you get to the café, Izaya was already standing there waiting for you.


"Konbanwa Orihara-San!" you said, happily entering the cafe and quickly finding a seat at the table.

Soon a maid comes up to you and takes your order.


"I'll have chocolate ice cream, with chocolate cake, lychee jelly, fruit, and a few star cookies over dry ice" you hungrily lick your lips.


"I'll just have the potato wedges" Izaya said.


You flash him weird looks for a while before finally deciding to speak up


"O-Oui how come you didn't order a dessert?" you ask, nervously poking at the saltshaker.


"I don't really like the taste of sweet things" he said, taking your hand from the saltshaker and into his.


Your eyes widened, "ENHH!!!!! What do you mean you don't like sweets!" you all but yelled him.


"I don't know maybe I just haven't found the perfect sweet?" His finger tips rubbed little circles on the palm of your hand. Your [s/c] cheeks grew redder every time he touched you.


"Oui? Are you okay?" he asked, you smirking at your girlish innocence. You nodded, quickly snatching your hand back away from the handsome male.


When the waitress returned with your food you happily dug in. You loved chocolate [if you don't like chocolate then you have vanilla if you don't like vanilla TOO BAD! Quit being picky!] And this cake was off the chain! You happily munched away on your cake not noticing that Izaya was studying your every move.


"Hey Look Takako! It's that girl who was gonna jump from the building!" A red haired boy yelled.


"Oh yea Sadou! Let's go see if she will talk to us!" The two eighteen year old boys hastily walked up to you.


"I saw you jump from that building! It was so cool!" the brown haired boy named Takako said.


Izaya's eyebrows shifted uncomfortably, it was cool to watch one of his humans almost kill themselves? People are so interesting!


"Yeah! That was so cool! I would have liked to see what would have happened if your boyfriend over here hadn't caught you!" red headed, Sadou yelled excitedly.


" watch me almost......commit suicide?" you asked, curiously. At this point the conversation was making Izaya a little uncomfortable but he stayed silent, waiting for you to react. You yanked the red head up by his neck.


"Then why don't you go jump off a building and have your little brown headed friend watch, see how cool it is then!" you yelled tightening your grip on the boys shirt, starting to choke him. The brunet boy wasn't having that and reached to kick you in your shin.


You quickly dropped the red head and caught the brunet's foot in your hand and yanked him to the floor.


"Come on Sadou, let's get out here, this stupid bitch can go try and kill herself again. Hopefully she'll succeed this time." The boy said loud enough for you to hear. You try not to let the snide comment bother you but it did. You felt your face getting hotter and you know you are going to cry. You signaled the waiter over and paid for your ice cream and left without saying anything to Izaya.


For some odd reason the look on your face really bothered him.

LET ME KNOW IF I SHOULD CONT. or if there's any grammar mistakes 
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I don't take  French so you're probably right
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