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Izaya x reader: J'ai besoin de vous part three




   When you got home you went straight to your room and slammed the door shut.


"Amay?" Shizuo yelled, knocking on your door. You ignored him and hugged a [f/c] pillow to your tummy, silently starting to cry. The last thing you heard was Shizuo slamming the main door closed before you let depression over take you.


*time skip brought to you by Orihara the Troll*


"IIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZ AAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYAAA!" Shizuo yelled throwing a park bench at the unsuspecting male. [UN?]Luckily, Izaya caught sight of the bench in time and successfully dodged.


The black haired male was confused, why the hell was Shizuo attacking him for no reason?


"What's the matter Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked in a sing song voice.

Shizuo's blood boiled


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WHAT'S THAT MATTER YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU DID!" he yelled, throwing a tree this time. At this point, Izaya was highly confused, and then it dawned on him!


"Amaya!" he thought....wait a minute! Was he, The Great Orihara Izaya, actually worried about some depressed suicidal girl? What made her so damned special from the rest of his humans, especially since he thought suicide was disgusting?


"You know as much as I love for you to try and kill me, I really think you should be at home making sure your sister didn't make another suicide attempt!" Shizuo growled loudly and threw a mailbox at Izaya


"I mean those kids really got to her, poor girl" Izaya teased as he escaped, leaving Shizuo standing there alone.


~time skip brought to you by Delic Izaya~


"Amay?" Shizuo asked knocking on your door loudly.


"I brought you some [favorite flavor] cake, please open up?"


You slinked up out the bed and grabbed your phone and texted Shizuo to go away. Apparently, he didn't get the message and ripped the lock off your door.


"Leave me alone Shizuo! Get out! I hate you!" you cried out, throwing a pillow at him. The male sighed and caught the pillow. Why couldn't you just love him like the rest of the family did? Maybe it was because you were adopted and none of your foster parents had ever loved you? Or maybe it was because he never treated you like a true brother should; he was always so mean to you!


"Why didn't you tell me some kids were bothering you." he asked, coming toward you. You stood your ground until the both of you were face to face.

"I love you Amay! Sorry I never tell you." he whispered, in your ear before hugging you. You stiffened, that's all you ever wanted to hear from him! No one had ever loved you! No one had ever needed you!


"I-I love you too S-Shizuo" you said letting your tears out. Shizuo picked you up and placed in his lap, letting you cry yourself to sleep.


~time skip brought to you by I have no clue why there so many time skips in here~


You wake up next to the slender blond, man.

"Shizuo" you groaned


"Your roots are gonna start showing, you should re-dye it soon." The male turned on his side and faced you.


"Oh you're awake?" Shizuo asked pinching your cheek.


"How are you feeling?" he asked sitting up.


"I don't feel like trash anymore" you said, running your fingers through Shizuo's fading blond hair.


"Ugh, I definitely have to re-dye this later on." you said, heading into the bathroom and preparing for your day. For some odd reason you felt closer to Shizuo. Was it because he told you he loved you? Or because you slept together? Whatever it was you liked feeling closer to your older brother.


When you stepped out of your bathroom, you noticed that Shizuo was already dressed and ready to go to work.


"Geezus Shizu-chan, we need to get you some new clothes! That bartender outfit is so out-dated!" You said, making the blond male chuckle. You headed to the kitchen in search of hair dye.


"Oui! Shizu-chan we are out of blond but we have blue and purple!" you yelled.


The tall male popped a cigarette in his mouth and walked into the kitchen. "I want blond and what are you telling me for you're a big girl now. Go out and buy some." He said blowing a smoke ring.


"Okay and ew Shizuo go smoke somewhere else!" you teased. The male walked over to you and blow a smoke heart into your face.


"Baka Niichan"


~time skip brought to you by dead fish eye x-x~


You skipped to the store humming to Paramore's Crushcrushcrush. For some odd reason you finally felt like Shizuo had cared about you. He probably cared before, but now it was highly apparent, that the young male protected you for all of your life. He protected you because he wanted to, not because he had too. The thought of you and Shizuo finally accepting each other gave you a sense of euphoria. Why hadn't you wanted this before? Why didn't you let him bond with you before?

You happily skipped to the Seiyu Department Store and headed to the cosmetic department and picked up a few bottles of hair dye. On your way to the register your phone buzzed.


Saturday 1/15 10:00a.m.



You decided not to reply to it and paid for your hair dye. You happily rushed out of the store, anxious to get home and play in your brother's hair. Not paying any attention to your surroundings, you bumped into a tall black haired male.


"Oui! Watch wher-"you paused looking up to see the male


"O-Orihara-S-San I am so sorry" you said, a light shade of pink dusting your face. Izaya on the other hand wasn't upset about you bumping into him. He gripped your jaw and held your head up, making you stare into his Brown eyes.


"I saw you look at my text message, why did you ignore me?" he asked, his breath fanning over your face making you lose your train of thoughts.


As you studied his face you began to notice how handsome he was, beautiful brown eyes, acne free skin, and silky black hair, he was a dream and you were awe struck.


"Well hello?" he snapped, tightening the grip on your cheek.


"I-I'm sorry Orih-" he cut you off.


"Stop with the formality just call me Izaya" he smirked, running a nimble finger over your cheek, "and I don't like when my humans, ignore me!"


"I'm s-sorry Ori-I-Izaya-kun I was running an e-errand for S-Shizuo" You stuttered. Why the heck did this man have you so flabbergasted, you were never this weak around males, but something about Izaya made you shy every time you saw him?


"Izaya I gotta go" you said running off


*time skip brought to you by last time I'll timeskip for the chapter*


When you got home things were eerily quiet.


"Hello?" you said stepping into the doorway. Something was off, it was too quiet and then you noticed it. Trails of fresh blood lead into the kitchen. You followed it to the kitchen, where it stopped, in the last dollop of blood there was


A single blond strand of hair

Oh dear guys I am so sorry for the long wait! Read and review please and please let me know of any grammaticall errors 
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